DB Drive NEOCAP5 Capacitor
DB Drive NEOCAP5 Capacitor

Compact Size 5 Farad Digital Capacitor Digital DC Volt Meter

12-24 Volts DC
Low E.S.R.
Digital DC Volt Meter
0/4 Gauge Power Wire Inputs
0/4 Gauge Power Wire Outputs
Increase Dynamic Sound Range of Your Amplifiers
Compact Size
Reduces DC Voltage Spikes On Your Vehicles Electrical System

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Digital Designs DXB-1.1 Earbuds
Digital Designs DXB-1.1 Earbuds

Black Walnut Hardwood, Tangle resistant cables

Description: Great bass doesn’t mean living with muddy noise. The DXB 1.1’s high energy driver has full, rich and thick bass response without sacrificing clean crisp mids and highs. It’s time you enjoyed your music the way it was meant to be heard.
:: Black walnut hardwood housing, Tangle resistant cables, 8mm Neodymium driven diaphragms, They make you look really cool
:: Memory foam and silicon ear tips (3 sizes)

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